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Premium Home Cleaning Services in Guelph and Surrounding Areas

Maid Simply Clean is a passionate home cleaning company based in Guelph. Our wide range of cleaning services is tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Born out of a vision to create a clean and healthier living space, we use non-toxic and eco-friendly products for our services. Our cleaning practices are driven by natural ingredients and are labelled by EPA’s Safer Choice. We provide our cleaning services to homes, apartments, office buildings, strata, and healthcare facilities. You can choose from our range of cleaning services or schedule regular appointments depending on your requirements.


We understand that appearance is the first impression of a workplace or home and thus have been perfecting our cleaning services and techniques since 2012. We believe in green cleaning and aim to help you avoid health risks and maintain a chemical-free and safe environment by using eco-friendly products. You can rely on us for post-construction cleaning (both residential and commercial), weekly cleaning for large offices, daily dental office cleaning, apartment/condo cleaning, student house cleaning, and many other cleaning jobs.

Range of Cleaning Services

The cleaning specialists at Maid Simply Clean work with the utmost integrity to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our wide range of services includes:

Move-in/Move-out Cleaning –

Move-in/move-out cleaning involves cleaning of all rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, including fridge, oven, and cupboards. Details are given below.


Sink and fixtures - Clean and remove any stains and build-up from sinks and fixtures; clean and polish chrome

Countertops – Clean and disinfect countertops and make them shine.

Cupboards, shelves, and drawers – Empty, clean inside and out (including door fronts) using a multi-purpose cleaner and vacuum out cupboards and drawers; vacuum tracks and grooves so the doors move freely.

Fridge – Interior: Empty fridge and freezer and thoroughly clean inside, outside and under all shelves and drawers.

Exterior: Clean all smudges, drips, etc. off surfaces; fridge and freezer door seals (especially the tops). Pull the fridge out, away from the wall, to clean the floor behind and underneath, including sweeping and mopping all debris and stains.

Stove and oven – Interior: Clean-off all burned food and grease throughout oven and broiler, including the racks. Exterior: Clean the tops of the burner units as well as the drip pans. Pull the stove out, away from the wall, to clean the sides of the unit and the floor and walls behind and underneath. We use steel wool for cleaning.

Range Hood – Clean all dust, grease, and yellow spots from top and bottom of range hoods, including filters and light fixtures.



Mirrors – Clean all mirror surfaces (streak and spot-free).

Medicine cabinet – Empty the medicine cabinet completely and clean the interior thoroughly, including shelves.

Sink and fixtures – Clean and remove any stains and build-up from sinks and fixtures, including pipes beneath the sink; clean and polish chrome.

Toilet – Clean the toilet thoroughly; remove all stains from inside the bowl. Clean exterior surfaces as well as the base and tank.

Tub and shower – Remove soap film/build-up from tub and shower walls. Clean and polish chrome. After cleaning, check surfaces for any remaining cleaner residue or powder; rinse if required. Remove any hair or clogs from the drain.

Towel and toilet paper holders – Clean and polish towel and paper holders; removing paper rolls and towels.



Walls, doors and frames – Wash all surfaces to remove all marks, smudges, adhesive/tape, grease, crayon, etc. Remove all hooks, nails, screws, etc.

Windows – Wash inside and out (when outside can be reached safely). Clean sills and tracks as well and remove dirt and build-up at the edges of window tracks.

Window coverings – Dust and gently clean all blinds with warm soapy water.

Closets – Dust clothing rods, shelves, and drawers of closets. Also, walls are washed.

Furnace vent/Cold air return – Vacuum, dust, remove cobwebs, spills, etc.

Carpeted floors – Vacuum thoroughly, including edges.

Hardwood flooring – Vacuum and mop hardwood floors.

Post Construction – Closing Clean Checklist


Post construction cleaning services involves cleaning the kitchen, general areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Details are given below.



Vacuum and wipe inside and outside of cupboards (all areas-sides, underneath, etc). Check all hinges and entire cupboard area for areas missed on construction clean.

Clean fridge and dishwasher (we never use stainless steel cleaner on these).

Clean and shine counter tops (do feel test after dry).

Clean stove top and front (Check for any marks or inconsistencies on the stainless steel. Alcohol/water spray or damp cloth followed by clean dry cloth usually works, if it doesn’t, use stainless steel cleaner).

Clean range hood with alcohol/water spray or stainless steel cleaner.

Wash kitchen sink with cream cleanser and remove all water marks. Rinse and shine, and double check that there are no marks left behind, use steel wool gently if necessary.


General Areas and Bedrooms:

Vacuum all trim, doors, and window sills.

Wipe closet shelves.

Clean all ceiling lights.

Vacuum and clean all vents.

Clean all windows.

Vacuum all carpets and floors.

Vacuum and wipe staircase.

Clean entry door areas, and check if the black strip and aluminum has been cleaned.

Check carpet edging and re-edge with vacuum in a uniformed manner, if necessary.

Vacuum all hard wood, make sure drywall is vacuumed from cracks. Clean all windows from outside along with outside lights.

Clean basement windows.

Clean steps to basement and basement floors.

Clean dust from any ledges, furnace, and hot water tank in basement.

Scrub laundry tub, wipe washer and dryer, including washer hook up on wall.

Wash all non-carpet floors (both tile and wood) using trained procedures.

Clean sliding door tracks.

Check if attic access is clean.



Clean all tiles using trained procedures.

Clean and shine vanity lights and fixtures.

Clean and shine mirrors.

Clean and shine sinks, fixtures, and plugs (do feel text on sink and make sure no water marks are left behind on sink and fixtures).

Clean and shine countertops (do feel test after dried).

Vacuum and wipe inside and outside of cupboards (all areas).

Clean and shine tub/shower surround. Remove glue or grout from tiles (checked from different angles).

Clean and shine tub/shower faucets and plugs (check for water marks).

Clean and shine shower glass (use squeegee to redo if necessary).

Clean and shine entire toilet. Remove stickers on outside and hard water deposits from inside of toilet bowl and clean.

Vacuum baseboards, window sills, doors, and closets

Vacuum and wipe all vents (if necessary).

Clean and wipe ceiling lights.

Clean windows and check if anything missed.

Dentist Offices


We also offer cleaning services for dentist offices. This involves sweeping, mopping and cleaning the kitchen, front office, patient washroom, staff washroom, and denturist area.


Wash dishes with a mild bleach solution.

Wash and shine sink and faucet.

Wipe microwave from inside and outside.

Wipe outside and inside of fridge and dust/tidy top of fridge.

Wipe exterior of products.

Tidy countertop – put pens in holder, tidy papers and remove garbage.

Wipe all countertops and desk areas including under microwave, coffee maker, under keyboards.

Dust entire computer – screen and back base.

Wipe keyboard.

Dust all high areas.

Wipe both doors.

Wipe all stools.

Wipe base of chairs and paper shredder.

Wipe window sill.

Empty the garbage and change bag.

Shine garbage bin.

Sweep under all stools, chairs, garbage bin, and shoes.

Sweep and mop entire floor.

Hygienist Station: We follow Ontario Health Best Practices and IPAC procedures to ensure infection control. We take enough time to clean this area and we take one hygienist station at a time.

Spray and clean all sinks.

Dust all high areas, tile ledges, TV (front and back), high areas of equipment.

Fill cups and paper towels.

Dust and wipe computer fronts, backs, behind keyboard and shelves.

Shine all mirrors.

We use CaviWipes or hospital grade disinfectant spray on a damp cloth for cleaning.

Wipe all cupboards, light switches and hand sanitizer.

Wipe all patient chairs, including the base (once per month flip cushion and wipe underneath).

Wipe patient chair light.

Detangle and wipe all hoses and hang nicely.

Wipe areas underneath the hose.

Wipe all chairs and countertops.

Wash and dry sink.

Empty the garbage and change the garbage bag.

Shine garbage.

Change PPE before moving to next station.


Sanitation Station:

Fill and shine paper towel.

Shine sanitizer wipe soap dispenser.

PPE and appropriate cleaner.

Spray sink.

Wipe cupboards.

Wipe entire countertop (including underneath).

Wash and shine protective barrier.

Empty the garbage, clean and shine the garbage bin and replace bag.

Wipe inside of garbage cupboard door and underneath where garbage goes.


Patient Washroom:

Fill paper towels, cups, soap, and toilet paper dispensers.

Dust all areas including underneath sink.

Spray sink and toilets.

Using disinfectant wipe clean all touch areas (door handle, light switch, bar by toilet).

Wipe door.

Clean mirrors.

Wipe countertop, wash and dry the sink.

Wipe entire toilet from top to bottom (ensure the handle is disinfected).

Scrub toilet bowl.

Wipe floor behind and around toilet including toilet bowl brush.

Sweep and mop the floor.


Front Office:

Empty all garbage, clean garbage bins, and replace bag.

Dust everything (high to low) – ceiling areas, cupboard areas, blinds, pictures, TVs, glass shelving, fronts of main desk, all chairs, vacuum chairs once a week, wipe inside/outside of all doors.

Tidy magazines and children books

Wipe down entire desk areas, phones, debit machines, keyboard, computer areas (front, base, back, wires, underneath wires, and desk).

Clean all computer screens throughout the office.

Organize pens and other things on the desk.

Remove fingerprints.

Clean entire glass divider (once per month)


Denturist Area:

Dust all high to low areas including computer and copier machine, wipe shelves and fix portable shelving container.

Disinfect, clean, and shine sinks.


Dentist Patient Side: Same procedures as the hygienist side with special attention to countertop work area, making it neat and tidy. Wipe and clean the entire area including underneath desks.


Staff Washroom: We follow the same procedures as patient washroom.

General Offices


We also provide cleaning services for general offices. This involves:

Empty all garbage, clean garbage bins and replace bag.

Wipe down entire desk areas, phones, debit machines, and computer areas.

Tidy magazines and children books

Clean all computer screens throughout the office.

Dust everything (high to low) – ceiling areas, cupboard areas, blinds, pictures, TVs, glass shelving, fronts of main desk, all chairs, vacuum chairs once a week, wipe inside/outside of all doors.

Organize pens and other things on desks.

Remove fingerprints.

Sweeping and mopping the floor carefully, every day, including the corners.

Ensure all cobwebs are removed.


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